Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear wireless carriers, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop putting junk on your smartphones?

One of my biggest problems with wireless carriers in the U.S today is that they put OEM or pre-installed carrier software on smartphones. "Sprint Football and Sprint TV" just to name a few. I don't want it nor do I use them at all! They take up unnecessary space on my smartphone.

The unfortunate thing is that nobody has the will or power to stop this crud from being installed on smartphones. For example, your Android device may already have some carrier junk loaded up on it and the smartphone manufacturer or platform maker (i.e. Google) has no power to stop the wireless carriers from doing so. If all the smartphone platform makers and device manufacturers would just step up to the plate and tell the carriers that we don't want this on our phones, then this wouldn't be an issue in the first place! That's simply a fantasy though, because most corporations are in it exclusively for the profit. They simply don't care if you're not happy with their device or their platform, they'll continue to make money while not listening to consumers' complaints. Even supposing they did care, they simply don't have the power to overcome the strict policies of the wireless carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint!
Even if some of the wireless carriers' pre-installed applications and software was of any interest to me, or to other consumers, the applications are unreliable and poorly developed!
I represent myself and consumers from personal experience. I've attempted at using Sprint Football and Sprint TV. First off, the app can't run over Wi-Fi. A 3G data connection is required, and second, the content in the apps mentioned above is so mediocre, that I don't even use it at all. Not to mention that those apps seem to crash on most Android devices I've seen and played with. Besides the fact, I would still prefer to get content from my PC, or from the Internet. Sources like ESPN for sports and Hulu and Netflix for shows and movies means that I'll never discover a need for the wireless carriers' apps.

Bottom line, wireless carriers should simply stop shipping their smartphones with these pre-installed applications.

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