Saturday, January 21, 2012

My rant about paid Android applications

Why is it that Android users tend to spend less (or even none) on their apps? Is it because they're too "cheap" to pay for apps. I tend not to think so. I tend to think that it is simply because the a good portion of the apps (especially on the Android Marketplace) are free. I personally find that there are very few apps on Android that really look compelling that its worth paying for. And many of the paid apps are overpriced pieces of crap that don't work well on most phones (thanks in part to fragmentation) The really high quality Android apps are WAY overpriced. Example: The average price of an Electronics Arts application on Android is $7, and the reviews are typically 3 stars, since they don't function properly on most devices and the actual app itself has poor content for the price. 

Here's some tips to developers and companies trying to get rich off of the Android platform:

1. Design the application to function well on as many devices as possible. (I've explained this already.)

2. Make it worth its price, or drop the price! Add good content, or make the app more affordable. It's that simple!

3. Make sure the content and the application itself are updated fairly frequently. This especially applies to games. If I spend more than $3 on a game or any app, I think I'd like some occasional new levels or bonus content. 

4. Listen to reviews and complaints. They're helpful (well, at least most of them). Many reviews I notice tend to detail the exact problem the reviewer is having with the application. 

5. Ensure good customer service! I can't stress enough the importance of good customer service. That should be the priority of every company and software developer. Unfortunately, most of the time it isn't. So why don't you break the trend?!


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