Monday, September 6, 2010

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd steps up as new CEO for Oracle.

Did anybody see this coming?  That was my initial thought when I saw the story from Information Week. According to Info Week, Charles Phillips has resigned as CEO. Allowing Mark Hurd, former HP CEO, to step up to the plate to fill his shoes.Last month, Mark Hurd was ousted as CEO of HP due to sexual harassment claims.There has been some speculation that Mark Hurd would become the new CEO for Oracle, the owner of Sun Microsystems. Larry Ellison was caught on the record of saying this according to Info Week, “Mark did a brilliant job at HP and I expect he’ll do an even better job at Oracle.” Larry Ellison also said, “When Charles approached me last December and expressed his desire to transition out of the company, I asked him to stay on through the Sun integration which has gone well. We will miss his talent and leadership, but I respect his decision.”  For all the negative ranting I’ve been doing about tech companies, this will be the first positive opinion I’ll have. Mark Hurd was a great CEO for HP & did them well & restored the company’s ability to sell products of dying markets. And I have no doubt that Hurd will do the same for Oracle.

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