Thursday, September 9, 2010

That Google privacy video in Times Square is bogus & unfair!

Remember that video that Consumer Watchdog posted about Eric Schmidt & the “free ice cream truck”? This video was posted by Consumer Watchdog & was aired in Times Square.

I recommend you watch it just so you can get the full sense of what I’m writing about.

This is insane! Of all people to pick on…WHY GOOGLE? Microsoft’s Bing tracks you, Yahoo, OMG, and pretty much every other site on the web tracks you through cookies! And the fact of the matter is, Google is not selling the data they collected from you to anybody else? It’s purely for business reasons! They just want some information to give you relevant ads! All the major video & news sites do this! It’s really unfair to exclusively beat up Google for this! Google is absolutely not selling the information they collected to any government or business! They’re using the data privately to gather some information about your interests to deliver you relevant advertisements! But if you’re going to pick on Google, you might as well pick on the other big name news & video sites as well because they do it too! And the only reason Consumer Watchdog made this video is to scare corporate America! It’s very clear and it’s pure fact! They hate corporate America & that includes Google! And that’s beside the fact that most of the world’s population doesn’t even know who Eric Schmidt is? If Consumer Watchdog is trying to “send a message”, they’re doing an awful job of that because most Americans, including ME think that they’re just trying to rag on Google! And honestly, I don’t feel that most Americans understand that this data is privately being held within Google’s servers just so they can deliver relevant ads! Google is now the new Microsoft of the 1990’s! Google seems to be getting in anti-trust issues that Microsoft had in the 1990’s. So naturally it makes sense for big name media companies to trash-talk Google!

In fact, I wish sites would collect data about me just for the purpose of relevant ads! If it brings up more ads that are relevant to my interests, then I say, “Track me Google! Track me please!”. If I visit a website that tracks me exclusively for the purpose of relevant ads, and doesn’t sell it to anyone, then I’m totally okay with it! And as far as I know, Google doesn’t sell their tracking data to anyone else!

That’s why I say this video is bogus & unfair towards Google! Do you agree?

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