Monday, March 21, 2011

This AT&T and T-Mobile deal is deadly to the industry!

On Sunday, AT&T confirmed that they've struck a deal with Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion in cash and stock (T-Mobile will get 8% stock in AT&T) to acquire T-Mobile USA. And already, the industry is buzzing over this and speculating what that means for T-Mobile customers and what it could possibly mean for both AT&T and T-Mobile's future. This deal honestly makes me extremely disappointed because T-Mobile will no longer become competitive because possibly, the deal will be approved by the FCC & FTC.
Of course, if the FCC or the FTC doesn't approve the deal, then T-Mobile and AT&T will be bitterly disappointed, but consumers and T-Mobile customers to be specific, will be very pleased! I'm one of those concerned that this deal will damage T-Mobile's reputation greatly and will be less compelling to consumers. Since T-Mobile in its current state, has competitively priced voice & data plans compared to Verizon and AT&T. Although T-Mobile doesn't have the greatest selection of devices to choose from, it has competitively priced service and has decent coverage in areas where AT&T or Verizon performs poorly.
So if AT&T takes over, it's like AT&T times two! Double monopolies are really dangerous to a recovering economy here in the United States! Let's hope that FCC deems this acquisition to be monopolistic and either block the acquisition altogether, or put major limits on AT&T.
Either way, I'm not going to be happy with the outcome!

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