Saturday, March 26, 2011

Windows Phone 7 is a sitting duck!

Last year, in spring, as you may know, Microsoft announced that they were working on a new multi-touch focused mobile platform. At that point in time, it was called 'Windows Phone 7 Series.' But then later on, they renamed it to 'Windows Phone 7' in an attempt to eliminate confusion.
Back in November, the first Windows Phone 7 device was launched in the U.S. (The Samsung Focus) It was quite an elegant device with all the physical features and appearance of a typical smartphone. The problem was, Windows Phone 7 was behind in lots of areas in which Android and iOS had filled.
Sadly to say the least, Windows Phone 7 is still in the position it was back in November of last year. It still lacks an official update that is compatible with all Windows Phone devices. Even the alleged update that "updated the update mechanism" didn't come to many devices. And even for those devices that got the debated "no functionality" update, it caused major technical problems for those devices.
Since then, Microsoft pulled back that debatable "pointless" update and there is no evidence in the horizon that would suggest that the update is coming back soon. Even if the update didn't provide new functionality, at least it would have paved the way for future updates that would bring new features or would improve previous features.
I'm very disappointed that Microsoft is putting the Windows Phone 7 platform in "the back seat" so to speak, meaning that priority of Windows Phone updates and fixes is quite disappointing. Remember that Microsoft still hasn't dealt with the SD card issue and if they don't respond to the massive problem soon, and if they don't deal with the massive complaints soon, it could spell a disastrous blow to the platform and consumers and developers alike, will lose faith.
We need an update Microsoft! I believe we're not putting high expectations on the company. Since, we, as consumers (hopefully), are only expecting an update that will fix the updater problem and possibly fix the SD card issue.
These are serious issues, and unfortunately, Microsoft is not taking the complaints and technical concerns seriously or to a literal extent. This could potentially permanently injure the Windows Phone 7 platform, which in my opinion, and in the opinion of many other, is a great platform and that Microsoft just needs to clean up their act.

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